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About Company

Dor Harry and Ziv Avishai childhood friends and partners in the way … We grew up and were educated in the charming and tranquil landscapes of the Hula Valley in the Upper Galilee. Already then we found ourselves attracted towards the creation, interaction with people and guidance.

Naturally, we wanted to turn all these into our regular occupation, hard work and the sanctification of the values we believe in. We created an entire world of activity, creation, and content.

Our home is located on Kibbutz Shamir in the Upper Galilee, where we built a small workshop where we build all the games with love and investment of all the small details. Slowly we created a wide range of different hand-made games and personal and unique design, with the help of the games and with a deep thought on the values of education and culture we have created for you a wide range of social activities for all ages.

Guided or freestyle activities, no matter what event you are in and what age you are – if you are looking for an original and extraordinary experience, one that will give you new sides and develop your heart – we are here. Yes right here! Wherever you are, we will come to you together with a team of instructors who will prepare, guide and accompany personally tailored activities to bring a smile to your face!

Now it is left to choose the type of activity and prepare for a fun day

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