About Company

It started with a man who liked to bake, and a small mixer, bought by his mother for his birthday. The baking smells from the apartment forced the neighbors to knock on the door …

In 2004, the first branch of the “Piece of Cake” was opened in Jaffa by Moshe Ahobi. The shop and the small bakery worked for years at full speed and despite the distance from “the heart of things,” the place gained a reputation and became a pilgrimage site from more distant places.
The bakery team was composed of residents of the neighborhood who were trained by Moshe and joined by talented pastries.

Today, the chain has six branches in the central region.
The team of bakeries and bakeries prepares daily bread and pastries, quiches, a variety of desserts and a wide range of cakes and cookies, with great care, using fine ingredients and lots of love.
The variety includes a wide selection of vegan products and products without added sugar.

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