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The Stier Group specializes in the initiation, marketing, production, and management. The company has its operations in the 1970s and is one of the founders of the industry in Israel. 12.06.2016.

Exhibitions, exhibitions, entrepreneurs, academics, and businessmen.

Exhibition of tapestries. Some of them also appeal to the final consumer and are open to a wide audience.

Third group exhibition, in full swing.

Exhibitions, hotels, hotels, workshops and events, pharmacies.

All gifts, delegations, delegations and investments, studies and continuing education.

Disputes Dispute Resolution, Non-Profit Organizations, Advertising, Information, Stores, Stores, Stores, Stores, Stores, Stores, Stores, Department Stores The company departments are computerized with specialized software and professionalism.

The Stier group was established by his kiss, Israela Steyer-Einstein and Yoshul (Dubi), Shamir, Gilam Stier. The company’s seat.

The Steyr Group, its managers, and employees set up business people, Mathieu. All these are given to tens of thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of visitors.

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