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About Company

With us, everything starts and ends in the garden. And we believe and know that there is no reason to give it up even if you live on the third floor, sixth or even closer to the sky.
We at Balconies specialize in landscaping on balconies. We understand the desire to go out and see some green in the eyes, to enjoy some plants, maybe spices, or a lemon tree bearing fruit … On the other hand, you know the limitations: a balcony can be small and contains a lot of elements.

We tested dozens of ideas, inventions, developments, companies, and brands until we met TruDrop products from Crescent Garden, the world’s most advanced planters that combine self-irrigation technology. From the first moment, it was clear that we had found the perfect solution for gardening in tanks. Five years of development were invested with the help of the world’s top growers, during which four patents were registered, which crystallized into a product that is no less than a genius.

We have set up a service system that includes landscape planning, yes also to the balcony comes such that with the right planning and carefully selected vegetation, you can also enjoy the garden on the terrace.

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